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What The If !!

Being an Indian, we follow the old rituals and superstitions. One of them is " girls are not allowed to travel alone and roam around by there own will" .  No matter how much we talk about feminism, 90% of our society is still orthodox and conventional. There is always a series of "What If ", what if something happens, what if u got bad company, what if your driver is not good, what if the hotel u booked turns up bad choice, what if you cant manage it all alone... and many others!!  Well talking about it, I have two big orthodox super caring families. Nitin, on the contrary, is super chilled and heterodox. He believes in the concept of Independent Women and free soul. So, we have this understanding that every year both of us will take one individual trip along with our buddies and small 2-3 holidays together as a couple.  Last year janab went to a road trip with 2 of his buddies and had a great 5 days holiday. But unfortunately, I couldn't plan one. And