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Thank You Tintin Jain

Well, the title of the post makes it obvious that this is purely dedicated to my darling husband Tintin Jain aka  Nitin . The Brief story of Tintn<3Tuntun - We were from the same college BIT, Jaipur. Nitin was in his last year of masters when I joined the college for my bachelors. We met and it was the love at first sight as he tells me ;) for me it took some time to even think about it. We spent almost 4 years together, connected as best friends. He was my mentor and I was his inspiration. Later one day he proposed me in a very amazing style of his own, typical Nitin :P and I didn't answered and left. In my super orthodox family, its was way too difficult to have an intercaste marriage. Nitin stood firmly with me and supported me in every possible way. The trust we had in each other made us move forward together. We fought all the odds and convinced our family and finally, after 2 years they said YES. Bas phir chat mangni te patt vyah !! In one and half month, we pla